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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bushco Creating Division - false paradigm of left vs right about PNAC, DINOs and NeoCons instead of Democrats and real Republicans.

the division has been intentially created this administration thinks that it can create the reality, with a little help with their corporate media friends. There are some people who will always be in denial, but there are many people that are starting to question the media and the administration. Like a snowball rolling downhill, once enough corruption is exposed, there is no way to go except downhill for this administration.

Yes, some people are lazy boob tube watchers and only get glimpses of news, but there are many who like collecting information, and even some Republicans know their party has been highjacked.

They cannot maintain the facade forever. I still have hope--like Studs Terkel, I still believe in the
American people. Most are not cruel, but some are selfish and apathetic. The more the majority of
Americans lose their economic comfort zone, the more they will wake up. Losing your healthcare,
your pensions--seeing your children jobless or in minimum wage or yourself with a minimum wage job, seeing your children die after being lied to, will soon cause an effect. It's just a matter of time.

However, if there are that many clueless, I'm more than willing to see a few states secede
peacefully. ;-)


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