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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Chapter 8

How the Republicans and pro-war advocates are failing, even betraying, our Troops and Veterans

The Laughlin 16-point Program to Aggressively support our Troops and Veterans… and the 16 ways our troops are being betrayed

What do the words ‘support our troops’ really mean?

Does it mean only to cheer as we send them off to die and be maimed, or does it mean that we do everything possible to let them know we care about them there – but even far more important we do everything we can to bring them home safely and
as soon as possible? (See pages 9 & 34)

What is the best possible way we can help the over 100,000 Reservist families who are in serious financial trouble and the over 1 million children of the troops seriously suffering because their parents are gone?

Though it may have been necessary for our troops to win the war in Iraq, there is no possible justification to keep them there now that the war has ended --NATO and a dozen other coalitions, including Arab states, can administer to Iraq even more successfully – and by leaving we instantly reduce the sacred rage of 300 million Arabs in the region who see the US as conquerors with an occupation army, putting our troops in constant danger for as long as they’re there....


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