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Saturday, October 15, 2005 How to REALLY Support the Troops and their families

~16 ways to really Support our Troops
16 Tests to see if you really support our troops

Would you save one million suffering American children of our troops from more pain, fear and harm, much of it irreparable, if you could? If you really support our troops, you can save their children immediately.

Americans may disagree on supporting the leadership in the White House, but we cannot agree more on the need to support our American brothers and sisters that risked their lives, especially those who lost them or were permanently crippled, serving with distinction and honor for a cause they believed in.

Shockingly, those who truly love our troops, wave the flag, and wear the yellow ribbons are unaware of the severe damage being done to the troops and their families by Bush and the Pentagon. Here’s 16 things you can do immediately to truly help these magnificent heroes and their equally heroic families who are suffering so terribly.

At this time when over 100,000 families of Reservists are still under extreme stress because of the severe financial hardships the calling up of their spouses created, virtually wiping them out financially with many losing their homes because of the inability to pay the mortgage or the rent, having their cars repossessed, having difficulty putting food on the table, paying their electric and water bills, getting the medical care they or their children need, having their education disrupted, etc., and at this time when almost 1 million children of all ...


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