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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gitmo - Only one photo from the Denver Post on the Concentration Camps that Katrina Survivors are being held prisoner in to prevent their holding onto their property from Bushco vultures and to test experiment if other American will care if US citizens are in Concentration Camps on the Mainland USA.

Bush Kills Soldiers. How many more lives of US young people and Iraqis and now Iranians and Syrians must die for the Bush Regime's Insanity?

Praying for Fitzgerald to bring down this criminal cabal soon.

Capt. Ian Fishback is a highly decorated soldier - a culture in the high ranks that allowed the abuse to occur.

Daily life at Abu Ghraib: Filthy conditions, sexual misbehavior, bug-infested food, prisoner beatings and humiliations

Gen. Karpinski demoted in prison scandal

Abu Ghraib disciplinary actions set

~Army captain calls prisoner abuse ‘systemic’
Soldier says he reported abuses but was ignored by chain of command

• Culture of acceptance behind abuse?

Sept. 28: An Army captain says it is not just rogue low-level soldiers behind the abuse of detainees in Iraq, but a culture in the high ranks that allowed the abuse to occur.

NBC’s Lisa Myers reports. Nightly News

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The Pentagon has been actively prosecuting every soldier involved in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. But in an exclusive interview an active duty U.S. Army captain says it's not just rogue, low-level soldiers behind the abuse of detainees in Iraq. He says there's a culture in the high ranks of the military that allowed the abuse to occur.

Capt. Ian Fishback is a highly decorated soldier — a West Point graduate, with two Bronze Stars and training for special forces. He has never talked on camera until now.

"Stripping detainees is unacceptable," explains Fishback. "Leaving detainees outside overnight is unacceptable."

Shame of America - What Amnesty International called Bush's Gulag of illegal torture prisons around the world. Cheney negotiated with Halliburton Brown and Root to build Gitmo and a hundred other torture prisons in 2000, BEFORE the atrocities on 911 - PNAC's New Pearl Harbor.

General Karpinski - torture IS STILL GOING ON


~~She also stated that even though innocent detainees had been deemed of no further Intel use and were recommended to be released by their interrogators, the higher uppers read the riot act and started a pattern whereby no one was to be released and innocent people were kept locked up without trial or charges.

The General went on to speak about the direct links to leading members of the Bush Administration:

~The General also agreed that private contractors were brought in to over see the interrogations. The orders to use torture techniques can be traced back to the criminals in Government.

"The orders came right from the top, filtered down from the secretary of defence, with the endorsement of the President, the Vice President, whatever advisors are surrounding them, filtered down through the Commanders in the field, these practices were not only endorsed, but were in use at Guantanamo bay and in locations in Afghanistan. And when General Miller visited Iraq he brought those techniques with him. And then he sent contract interrogators who had 'performed well' at Guantanamo Bay to Iraq as well."

The General agreed that in effect torture seminars were taking place as Miller would teach how to make techniques of torture more effective.

Karpinski also went on to explain how it came about that photographs and video of the torture were taken and how despite Congress having seen thousands of them, few of the persons responsible for authorizing the raping of women, the beating to death of innocent people, and the torture of minors have been brought to justice.

~~General Karpinski was not even informed of charges against her until the investigation was under way and she received a late night e-mail from the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Commission. His agent on site at Abu Ghraib was the one who received the disc of pictures from the MP. So the Commanding officer of all the reopened prisons in Iraq was not informed about an ongoing criminal investigation into occurrences at the prisons.

You see how it works, you play the game, you go along with whatever is being spun by the Neo-Cons or by the Pentagon and you get promoted. But the people who have the strength and the moral courage to stand up and say This is wrong, this is a lie, they are removed from their positions, they take their security clearance away and then they're out on the street."

General Karpinski went on to say that the reason talk of banning torture has come to the forefront, even though there should be no need for discussion on the topic is because it IS STILL GOING ON.

"There is overwhelming proof that torture is going on, that it has been directed and is likely continuing, even to this day. I don't want to believe it is but the statements from the people just returning from the theater give every indication that in fact it is, they still don't know where to draw the line." The General said.

On the topic of why the torture is so extreme and degrading, the General suggested that the interrogators are getting a bizarre pleasure out of it. She gave the example of using naked menstruating women to break Muslim Iraqi men.

"Who studied the Arab culture to come up with such a n idea, this is insulting to anybody." She said. "And the fact that they are using female soldiers to conduct this demonstrates what they think the likely;y role of women in the army is."

If you wrote a horror movie where the army was doing this it would be too unbelievable, yet this is happening in reality and the media has just accepted it as the norm now

~It seems clear and the General agrees that we are seeing the formation of a cold blooded torture core with Iraq as the beta test. Iraq is often referred to as a "laboratory". The test is to see how the prisoners, the soldiers and the public react to this.

"They are looking for the kind of people with this mind set, who can live with themselves whilst they are going forth with this global war on terrorism and trying to make a difference."

Fitzgerald Watch in Suspense

REUTERS: Indictments Mon or Tues
Mon Oct 24th 2005, 10:23 AM ET

It's a big story from the MSM BUT they do minimize the potential...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald appears to be laying the groundwork for indictments this week over the outing of a covert CIA operative, including possible charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, lawyers involved in case said on Sunday.

Top administration officials are expected to learn from Fitzgerald as early as Monday whether they will face charges as the prosecutor winds up his nearly two-year investigation, the lawyers said.

Fitzgerald could convene the grand jury as early as Tuesday to lay out a final summary of the case and ask for approval of possible indictments, legal sources said. The grand jury hearing the CIA leak case normally meets on Wednesdays and is scheduled to expire on Friday unless Fitzgerald extends it.

While Fitzgerald could still charge administration officials with knowingly revealing Plame's identity, the lawyers said he appeared more likely to seek charges for easier-to-prove crimes such as making false statements, obstruction of justice and disclosing classified information.



~~~MORE POSITIVE spin at firedog lake http://www.firedoglake.blogspot.com/

she is also a attorney.

Of course the MM is gonna spin it as no big deal

~nonetheless - it opens the "gate" to the bigger questions
-- why did we invade Iraq in the first place?

-- how much of the Iraq-rational is true and how much was "sexed up"?

-- what didn't bush* know, when didn't he know it and why didn't he know it?

-- how much of what we are hearing out of the White House regarding Syria and Iran is true and how much is spin?

~Expect the unexpected. Fitzgerald is going to do what he believes is right. I think that the conspiracy and espionage issues will be included in the indictments

~It may be that Patrick Fitzgerald has been concentrating on the perjury charges, because he already has what he needs on the still more serious charges.

Also, there seems to have been so much serious crime the neocons have been involved in, much, if not all of it interconnected, I will not be at all surprised if, pursuant to the broad mandate given to him by the Attorney General, he extends his term, as Special Prosecutor.

After all, their m.o. in everything has not been to pussyfoot on the margins, but to dive in head first, making for the bulls-eye (usually a pot of gold), with all the long-term foresight (NOT) of their very own Big Business.

~~~What lawyers? While Fitzgerald could still charge administration officials with knowingly revealing Plame's identity, the lawyers said he appeared more likely to seek charges for easier-to-prove crimes such as making false statements, obstruction of justice and disclosing classified information."

I am not struck with that notion that Mr. Fitzgerald will take the easiest road, for some reason.

My guess is as good as any, but I hope it is not wishful thinking.

~~~it's gotta end... my stomache can't take it anymore~~~Even if he goes with lesser charges right now...

...there is nothing to say that more serious charges can't be brought later on (as long as the evidence is there). A lot has been happening in the case lately. He might just want to put something on the table as a strategic manuever. Throwing down the gauntlet may be what it takes to make a breakthrough in another

~~ Read to the end of the article. Why are people just posting this...first part, in which the reporter is being very cautious? Later, he gives evidence of an expanded probe, and concludes with how bad this could be for the Bush regime.

2. Nobody's talking. And he has to rely on unidentified "lawyers" involved in the case, and outside lawyer pundits. My feeling about it was: a cauldron about to boil over (with the reporter a bit worried about getting scalded?--by lying defense lawyers? rumors? 'friendly fire'?) But that may just be me.

~Oh I think it will be more serious crimes of Espionage thats for some people!!!

~go read firedoglake and enjoy come back and tell me IF ya don't smile

~~Yep. Espionage.

~~Reuters is consistently fair and decent
I wouldn't lump them with the rest of the korporate media.

~Subject line is misleading, the article doesn't state indictments Mon/Tues It only suggests that the subjects in question may learn whether they will face possible charges


~its a tuff crowd to play to how about CAEM Corporat And Entertainment MediaI only watch the weather channel and ooops they have manmade hurricaines now ..scalar haarp
so I only watch ..waht do I watch..??

This is a war an info war. battle for your heart and mind

Pray for the innocents..

~Is it Fitzmas Eve yet? I want to open my presents

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas
Everywhere you go.
Who's gonna do five-or-ten?
We're thinking once again
Of handcuffs and of orange jumpsuits aglow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas
Indictments on every score
But the prettiest sight to see
Is the scowl on Darth Cheney
At the slammer's front door.

A warrant or writ, a subpoena that fits
Is the wish of Barney and Ben;
The thought of Turdblossom hung up like a possum
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for court to start again.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas
Everywhere you go.
There's an defendant who doesn't want to tell;
One in the White House as well --
The felony kind that doesn't mind the law!
It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas
Soon the bells will start
And the thing that will make them ring
Is the indictment that we sing,
Right within our hearts!

~~Anyone else thinks they will raise a terror alert on the same day?

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Chapter 8

How the Republicans and pro-war advocates are failing, even betraying, our Troops and Veterans

The Laughlin 16-point Program to Aggressively support our Troops and Veterans… and the 16 ways our troops are being betrayed

What do the words ‘support our troops’ really mean?

Does it mean only to cheer as we send them off to die and be maimed, or does it mean that we do everything possible to let them know we care about them there – but even far more important we do everything we can to bring them home safely and
as soon as possible? (See pages 9 & 34)

What is the best possible way we can help the over 100,000 Reservist families who are in serious financial trouble and the over 1 million children of the troops seriously suffering because their parents are gone?

Though it may have been necessary for our troops to win the war in Iraq, there is no possible justification to keep them there now that the war has ended --NATO and a dozen other coalitions, including Arab states, can administer to Iraq even more successfully – and by leaving we instantly reduce the sacred rage of 300 million Arabs in the region who see the US as conquerors with an occupation army, putting our troops in constant danger for as long as they’re there....

BillyJack.com How to REALLY Support the Troops and their families


~16 ways to really Support our Troops
16 Tests to see if you really support our troops

Would you save one million suffering American children of our troops from more pain, fear and harm, much of it irreparable, if you could? If you really support our troops, you can save their children immediately.

Americans may disagree on supporting the leadership in the White House, but we cannot agree more on the need to support our American brothers and sisters that risked their lives, especially those who lost them or were permanently crippled, serving with distinction and honor for a cause they believed in.

Shockingly, those who truly love our troops, wave the flag, and wear the yellow ribbons are unaware of the severe damage being done to the troops and their families by Bush and the Pentagon. Here’s 16 things you can do immediately to truly help these magnificent heroes and their equally heroic families who are suffering so terribly.

At this time when over 100,000 families of Reservists are still under extreme stress because of the severe financial hardships the calling up of their spouses created, virtually wiping them out financially with many losing their homes because of the inability to pay the mortgage or the rent, having their cars repossessed, having difficulty putting food on the table, paying their electric and water bills, getting the medical care they or their children need, having their education disrupted, etc., and at this time when almost 1 million children of all ...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Last week the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly (90-9) to stand solidly against torture


Stand with the Senate and Oppose Torture

The Senate has spoken, but the President may veto the anti-torture bill. Your voice is needed.

Over the past year and a half you have spoken out powerfully after the Abu Gharib and Guantanamo prison scandals. Washington and the world listened.

Last week the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly (90-9) to stand solidly against torture. The amendment, introduced by Senator John McCain (R-AZ), calls for prisoners and detainees to be treated according to guidelines established by the Army Field Manual. In short, it outlaws degrading and inhumane treatment of anyone in U.S. military custody.

This is no small statement. The amendment was introduced to the massive defense appropriations bill. Passage of the $440 billion
defense budget depends upon the adoption of this vital amendment.

Now, President Bush has threatened to veto the appropriations bill because of the anti-torture amendment.

The Senate did the right thing. Let us come together again to stand with them so that the world and the President know that the
American people demand humane treatment of detainees and prisoners of war.

Note: Yes, nine Senators voted against the measure (including both from Oklahoma). If they are YOUR Senators, you may wish to
tastefully alter your letter in a way most appropriate for both of your Senators. We will leave that to you, of course, but here are those who voted against the anti-torture amendment:

Sessions (R) Alabama
Stevens (R) Alaska
Allard (R) Colorado
Roberts (R) Kansas
Cochran (R) Mississippi
Bond (R) Missouri
Coburn (R) Oklahoma
Inhofe (R) Oklahoma
Cornyn (R) Texas

Use the link below to send a letter to your Senators on this issue. A copy will be sent to the President of the United States in a show of solidarity. By letting your Senators know you support their position, you will be sending a powerful message to the White House and to the world that Americans of faith will not support torture.

There is no question but that your voice and the concerns of so many other faithful people in the U.S. have helped encourage the
Senate to take this action. Does your faith matter in vital issues such as this? You bet it does! Is your voice heard? No question!

Send a letter of support to your Senators on this issue



~~help is on the way!

May God send bountiful strength, peace and resource to people affected by Hurricane Katrina. May each need be met and each life
strengthened spiritually and thereafter go forth and become a source of help and blessing to others. May our country grow closer to God and each other through this tragedy....In the name of the Christ.


~~HEAVENLY Father, I ask for your love and support to all people affected by this act of nature. I focus on those people of faith
who may be in doubt, that they are loved and encouraged, so that their old faith is made new, and for those without faith will look at them as shining beacons of the love you have for all you people, through all things.

Help people to remind each other to put the full armor on to protect themselves from the enemy who will run crazy in situations like this, when people are doubting.

I ask this in your sons name, Amen

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Juan Gonzalez: 'Ohio tally fit for Ukraine'
Posted on Thursday, December 02 @ 10:12:16 EST
By Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News

Voter fraud in the Ukraine? Give me a break.

It has been a month now and we still don't have a clear count of the votes for our own presidential race from the state of Ohio.

For those who may have forgotten, Ohio supposedly assured George W. Bush a second term in the White House - only the most important job on the planet.

The morning after the election, we were told Bush was ahead of John Kerry in that state's unofficial count by 139,000 votes, or 2.5%.

At the time there were 155,000 uncounted provisional ballots and an unknown number of overseas ballots, but Kerry concluded they would not produce enough of a margin to erase his deficit, so he promptly conceded.

At the same time, given the bitter Democratic memories of the 2000 Florida fiasco, he assured his supporters he would fight to have every vote properly counted this time.

Within a few days, other problems began to show up in Ohio's preliminary tally.

We learned, for example, that an additional 93,000 voters had gone to the polls yet machines had registered no preference of theirs for President. Only a manual recount can tell us for sure what happened to those 93,000 ballots.

Then, red-faced election officials in Franklin County admitted a computer error on Election Night had tallied 4,258 votes for Bush in a precinct where only 638 people voted. That correction alone will drop Bush's margin by 3,620.

And now Daily News reporter Larry Cohler-Esses and I have uncovered some more unusual vote totals, this time in black neighborhoods of Cleveland. Those results are from the precinct-by-precinct tallies released by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, where Cleveland is located.
In the 4th Ward on Cleveland's East Side, for example, two fringe presidential candidates did surprisingly well.

In precinct 4F, located at Benedictine High School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Kerry received 290 votes, Bush 21 and Michael Peroutka, candidate of the ultra-conservative anti-immigrant Constitutional Party, an amazing 215 votes!

That many black votes for Peroutka is about as likely as all those Jewish votes for Buchanan in Florida's Palm Beach County in 2000.

In precinct 4N, also at Benedictine High School, the tally was Kerry 318, Bush 21, and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik 163.

Back in 2000, the combined third-party votes in those two precincts - including the Nader vote - was 8. Cuyahoga, like most of Ohio's 88 counties, uses punch-card balloting.

"That's terrible, I can't believe it," said City Councilman Kenneth Johnson, who has represented the 4th Ward since 1980. "It's obviously a malfunction with the machines."

But Peroutka and Badnarik polled unusually well in a few other black precincts. In the 8th Ward's G precinct at Cory United Methodist Church, for instance, Badnarik tallied 51 votes - nearly three times better than Bush's 19. And in I precinct at the same church, Peroutka was the choice on 27 ballots, three times more than Bush's 8. In 2000, independent candidates received 9 votes from both precincts.

The same pattern showed up in 10 Cleveland precincts in which Badnarik and Peroutka received nearly 700 votes between them.

In virtually all those precincts, Kerry's vote was lower than Al Gore's in 2000, even though there was a record turnout in the black community this time, and even though blacks voted overwhelmingly for Kerry.

If this same pattern held true in other cities around Ohio, then quite possibly thousands of votes meant for Kerry somehow ended up in the tallies of the two independent candidates. So far, however, precinct-by-precinct results have not been posted by boards of elections in other counties, but by Thursday all official results are due.

On Monday, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell will certify Ohio's results and then a manual recount will be requested by the Green and Libertarian parties.

The Badnarik and Peroutka surge was not the only unusual occurrence in Cleveland.

Also unusual was the drop in the Democratic vote in scores of precincts compared to 2000. But more on that next time. Re: Juan Gonzalez: 'Ohio tally fit for Ukraine' (Score: 1)by BajanMan on Thursday, December 02 @ 19:10:19 EST(User Info) http://communities.msn.com/PlanetStahl

At the time there were 155,000 uncounted provisional ballots and an unknown number of overseas ballots, but Kerry concluded they would not produce enough of a margin to erase his deficit, so he promptly conceded.

There were also, in addition, more than 56,000 absentee ballots not counted - according to numerous sources (rense.com., common dreams, Jesse Jackson) and other ballots with the same "chad problems" as in FL.

Ultimately, with all these loose electoral strings waiting, the laws of probability had not yet been shown to -> 0 so it was not a judicious call for Kerry to make, at that time. Rather it was premature and dare I say, pusillanimous, as if the man had about all he could take, and simply didn't want to fight any more.

He just wanted to return to his bland, wonkonese existence in the Senate - to see who might out-drone the other. And continue to wage and partially win thousands of litte battles instead of fighting on in this one for all the marbles.

Maybe in some parallel universe, there exists a John Kerry who is working on a "stealth plan" and whose concession was part of that plan - to keep the intense media spotlight off him, not to mention that of Rove & Co. However, in this universe, I don't for a minute believe it's happening.

But who knows? Maybe, like in one of Ursula K. LeGuin's novels ('The Lathe of Heaven'), I will wake up in that alternative universe and discover the Kerry that fought and won. Leaving this version of the cosmos and particularly its reprehensible Earth events - and future history - behind.

It's nice to fantasize after all.

© 2004 Daily News, L.P.
Reprinted from The New York Daily