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Artist, have done many pastels and oil paintings of gymnasts and dancers in the past. Currently focusing on special effects of photos taken from downloaded gymnastics videos and importing frames, sometimes to show the sequences of dance and acrobatic movements.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rep. Conyers' Blog - Honest Elections

Five Pillars Without Any Legs

I just received a report about a rather strange gathering of the Baker Carter election reform commission. In a small, cramped room in the Capitol, President Jimmy Carter, James A. Baker, III, and more than a dozen other commissioners discussed the Report of the Baker-Carter Commission on Federal Election Reform in advance of the press conference scheduled for 1:30pm today......

Saturday, September 17th, 2005
Pushing Back Against the Bush Smear Machine

I'm saddened, but not surprised, that the Bush Administration would politicize the Hurricane response. But they may have reached another new low when they enlisted the beleaguered U.S. Attorneys offices in the Gulf Region to find a scapegoat - this time in the form of the environmentalists. Yesterday's Clarion Ledger reports that the Justice Department put out an APB for dirt on environmentalists relating concerning the levees. ........

Friday, September 16th, 2005

Lights Go On In N.O. for Bush Photo-Op and then Off?
And More Fuzzy Math from Bush

From Brian Williams via Kos, I see that in parts of New Orleans, power came on shortly before the speech, to much aclaim, and the power stopped after the Prez spoke. We are clearly in the theater of the absurd when a president can use entire communities and their electricity needs as mere props in his political propoganda....


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