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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An Open Letter to Senator John Kerry on Irregularities, Fraud, and Conspiracies

1st January 2005

to those who suggest we move on, get over it etc.. would you just move on if you
were robbed and the thief got away? would you recommend one to just get over
being raped? Possibly. However I shall attempt to examine the evidence and seek
justice. The criminals must be apprehended. The theft of the election in Ohio was done
rather sloppily with the evidence scattered all across the floor.

so look at these few facts and respond with more than a meaningless rant. fact1: one
machine in Ghana ward 1b registered 4,258 votes for g.w. where only 638 people
voted. In that county there were machine shortages and malfunctioning tabulators
only in dem. Precincts. Matt Damschroder, former head of rep.

Party in that county and board of elections director attested to these "anomalies",look it up. Fact 2: 29 precincts in a single Ohio county reported more votes than registered voters by 93,136, similar to what occurred in 6 Florida counties where a cumulative 188,885 votes more than
registered voters appeared: fact3: in Miami county, Ohio we saw a 98.6% turnout in
concord sw precinct 520 for bush 157 for Kerry, only 10 folk did not vote, yet a
preliminary canvas found 25 that did not; fact 4: not to be outdone largely republican brook park saw a record setting turnout 14,458 out of 14,491 or 99.4%; the list goes on and on and on. Ask yourself am I being honest with myself?

let us all be honest with ourselves and see the beast for what it is. This vampire called
America is at its core a culture of death. All that is occurring be it the leveling of
fallujah, fraudulent elections, torture and mass incarceration all over the world, 725
military bases all over the world and on and on and on flow naturally from the
American culture of conquest. All which we are witnessing/enduring is consistent with
Americas (whose name for the land is violence) racist and genocidal history.
be it sand creek massacre, clearcut Inc., the dispensation of nuclear cocktails to
pregnant women (see Pulitzer prize winning journalist Eileen wilsomes "the plutonium
files"), or the CIA overthrowing any government that dared to claim sovereignty all of
these life destroying activities emanate from the core of the hyper-industrial-military
mindset that is America.

All of the life affirming views like "quit blowing up brown
skinned children for Lockheed martin and halliburton" are labeled un-American.
and they are. americanism is the progeny of European habits of mind and is
destroying life on earth. The heney-kissinger-wolfowitz-baker-Bolton-negroponte-rove
cult wedded to the brzezinski-Rockefeller-murdoch-soros gang are merely the latest
techno industrialists who destroy so much so fast using the latest in the pentagons
blood soaked bag of techno tools. These are clean cut savages, lord of the flies at
hyper speed.

as for foreign aid America ranks dead last as a percent of gdp at .15%. Note the
position of the decimal. Highest per capita rate of incarceration. No health care except
for wealthy. Etc. Etc. Etc. And as for that 350 million for the tsunami victims well
guess what? Earmarked for long term reconstruction and development. Can you spell

ask the Iraqis about reconstruction. It is long past time for us all to stop living the lie
that is America. detumescent democrats are not capable of purging the world of
rapacious republicans most are too deep in the game or cowardly. Exceptions like
conyers, waters, McKinney, prove the rule.

now for all those who are devout coincidence theorists ignore the fact that every
discrepancy,irregularity,oddity,whatever went bushes way; that your country is the
worlds largest polluter by far and that your government is murdering women and
children every day

(is bombing a pregnant woman from the sky a military abortion pro-lifers?) in Haiti,
Iraq, Colombia, etc. The rest of the world does not envy mcameriwalmartika it wants
you to stop the slaughter. So go. Take your made in Bangladesh flag and wave it in
denial on your way out the door.

as for me I remain insufficiently patriotic.


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