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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Galloway Does Boston ProudSeptember 14th, 2005 Todd Chretien

“We who live in the United States or Britain, only have to answer one question, do we stand with the occupier, or with those who are resisting colonial occupation.” “The swamp of hatred that our policies have created in the Muslim world nourish the mutation of hatred that believes killing innocent people in New York or London is somehow a blow against those responsible in our countries for those policies. All we have done be invading and occupying Iraq is increase the number of people who hate us and the intensity with which they hate us.”

“The US and Britain’s unquestioning support for the State of Israel is the flaw that lies at the heart of the West’s attitude toward the Muslim world.” Standing ovation from 400 people. George Galloway did historic Faneuil Hall proud last night. Despite a complete boycott by the mainstream media, the boisterous crowd cheered the MP who took a stand against the hawks in the Senate. They rose to their feet and pledged to work for the next two weeks to mobilize for the September 24 national anti-war protest in Washington, D.C. to show Bush that his is in an ever-shrinking minority of American opinion that believes the war is just.

In a small gesture of respect that very few people could see because of the position of the stage, he touched his fingers to his lips and gently laid a kiss on the bust of Fredrick Douglass that adorns the stage. Galloway then strode to the podium and announced that he stands proudly in the tradition of an English MP named Fox who was twice expelled from parliament: the first time for supporting the American Revolution; the second time for submitting a resolution (“perhaps it was a bit provocatively phrased”) congratulating the French people on the separation of their king from his crowned head.

Before Mr. Galloway mounted the platform, meeting chair Annie Zirin kicked off the night saying, “we need to make a change to a system that can put 250,000 troops in the Middle East, but cannot evacuate the sick, the elderly and the poor from New Orleans.” She then introduced Eriko Nagai from the Northeastern University chapter of the Campus Anti-War Network who announced that CAN was sending a bus with volunteers, supplies and money to New Orleans and asked the crowed to contribute. Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner called on the crowd to speak and act in order
to challenge the sick priorities of the system that found money for war but not education. Prof. William Keach, spoke powerfully to need to challenge not only the war criminals in the Oval Office, but the pro-war Democrats who made the invasion possible. Prof. Naseer Aruri, speaking on behalf of the National Council of Arab Americans said that it was not only the duty of the brave parents like Cindy Sheehan who have lost children in the war to stand up, but that it was every person in
America’s duty to challenge the dangerous and racist policies guiding its actions today.

Boston was a great first step. Tonight, Galloway takes on ex-leftists, turned character assassin and professional hatchet man Christopher Hitchens in the Baruch Performing Arts Center here in New York City. The grapple in the apple will be a thing to watch and you can!

See it re-broadcast on CSPAN or see it live via webstream.

Watch the Baruch Assault on Hitchens and then get your tickets to see him in person
in your city. Todd Chretien is the Galloway National Tour Coordinator and a frequent contributor
to the International Socialist Review.


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