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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Good Start on Defeating Photo ID Proposal

We made very good progress on the first day, thanks in no small part to your help. We recieved lots of press, including an AP story. We got great editorials in both the New York Times and the Washington Post. The New York Times was particularly strong, writing "the bombshell recommendation is for the states to require voters to have drivers' licenses or a government-issued photo ID. That would not be a great burden for people who have drivers' licenses, but it would be for those who don't, and they are disproportionately poor, elderly or members of minorities. These voters would have to get special photo ID's and keep them updated.

If they didn't have the ID's, their right to vote would be taken away. The commission recommends that the cards be free. But election administration is notoriously underfinanced, and it is not hard to imagine that states would charge for them. Georgia is already charging $20 and more for each of its state voter cards."

I also participated in a press conference today with Senators Obama and Dodd and Rep. John Lewis where we announced our resolution opposing the ID requirement. Our petition to the Speaker and Majority Leader is going well, with approximately 4,000 signatories already. Please let your friends and family know about this so we can keep the momentum going in this critical fight.

Please Sign the Letter to Congressional Leadership.
Dear Mr. -Speaker/Majority Leader-:

The advances our country has achieved in voting rights over the past half-century have provided a model for democracies across the globe. Recently, we are sad to say, there are proposals being readied that would set us back in that struggle. In particular, the Baker-Carter Commission Report includes a proposal for a national ID requirement to vote that could disenfranchise over ten percent of eligible voters. When voting rights legislation is considered in the [House/Senate], we strongly urge you to exclude this provision........{99FFEEE4-D8DC-4CD8-992B-9EB3A4F0123A}


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