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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bush Mafia Asks What Didn't Go Right in the Murder of Tens of Thousands in New Orleans

Bush says "What didn't go right" What Didn't Go Right? 911 and NOLA

Edited on Thu Sep-08-05

Any one notice that in both these disasters:

1. The President was unavailable for a significant period of time after a catastrophic disaster.
911: POTUS did not cut his reading of the "Pet Goat" book to Florida school children after being advised in the classroom he was visiting of the events unrolling in the skies. There was no telling how many planes were going to be involved in the event, yet the president took no aggressive action. It was the FAA, not the President, that made the decision to close US airspace.

And in the immediate time after the event he spent the day skip-hopping Air Force One all over the country (in the opposite direction) without a stopping long enough to lend a word of leadership of any kind the entire day of 911 until early evening.

NOLA/Katrina: The President did not cut his vacation short after the dire warnings of probable catastrophic disaster from the Nat'l Weather Service video-conference on Saturday prior to landfall.
In fact, he headed in the opposite direction to continue his vacation in California.

2. The President had decisions only he could make and was pointedly unavailable to make those decisions.

911: NORAD needed presidential authorization to shoot civilian planes down (as opposed to enemy incoming.)

NOLA/Katrina: Many resources (including US and UK Navy) were near or on the scene around the time of landfall but require the Executive to order them in to go in.

Other aid and supplies required the Executive to sign-off on, including accepting aid and rescue from other countries.

3. Resources that the Federal, and the Federal alone, had access to were not used until the disaster event was long over.

911: Our highly trained NORAD fighters were not dispatched, per hijacking incident, until AFTER there was no chance to catch that plane.

Isn't it NORAD/SPACECOM's business to defend against any attack from above? And aren't they supposed to be very, very effective at this?

NOLA/Katrina: Much (both military and governmental) was on the scene in NOLA/Gulf but was not given a go-ahead until days after Katrina.

Pass the tin-foil hat, please....

What didn't do right? Gee... I dunno... Just genocide by FEMA's delays and the widely reported blocking of food, water and supplies from reaching the trapped survivors in NOLA.


The more I've slept on this question, the more I believe this is what happened... knowing genocide of NOLA's residents. The excuse of not bringing in help so that people would leave is BEYOND IGNORANCE, it was a KNOWLEDGE that many would DIE as a result of this DECISION.


Stuck in Detention Camps Like that one in Oklahoma. No way out. Marriott Hotels also couldn't locate almost 2000 employees I saw someone interviewed yesterday or the day before. They can't reach them and don't know what their status is. Holy crap 2000 out of 6000 postal workers in the area missing = 33% of them.

Extrapolating that for the total 5 million people in the area means potentially 1.67 million missing And these were people with regular jobs How many children, elderly, disabled, and self-employed aren't accounted for? 2,000 Postal Workers Missing,2933,168773,00.html
(sorry for the faux news link.....)

WASHINGTON — The post office has delivered some 15,000 Social Security checks at collection points in the area affected by Hurricane Katrina (search), officials said Wednesday. But the agency is still trying to locate 2,000 of its workers.

In the affected region, 188 post offices have returned to full service, 189 are providing limited service and 120 are still closed.


Many have returned to work. Others, who have been evacuated, are working at post offices in other areas, and some 2,000 have not been heard from.

"That's a concern for us a week into this event," Day said.

Larry Johnson's diary at Booman Tribune says that he called in to the Coast to Coast show to tell them an analyst was making false statements. A booker in charge of the program did not choose to correct the issue. This is totally alarming to me. Most of you are familiar with Johnson through his testimony on the DSM.


While watching the MSNBC program, CONNECTED, COAST TO COAST with Ron Reagan, a man from the Evergreen Foundation was on air spinning the myth that the President had to "beg" the Governor of Louisiana to take action.

Having been on this show several times I called one of the bookers, Susan Durrwatcher, to alert her to the fact that this man was misrepresenting what happened. I offered Susan the following objective, documented facts (see timeline below).

Susan thanked me for my "opinion" and said "we just have a different perspective."

Stunned, I asked her by what standard of journalism that an objective fact was mere opinion? I asked her to simply look at the documents and correct the record. She declined. I asked her to remove me from the MSNBC list of contacts. I'm sure MSNBC won't miss me and I am certain I will have a happy life without having to subject myself to their unprofessional approach to journalism.

A sign of an honest man is refusing to take part in catapulting the propaganda. Thanks to Larry Johnson for this. Susan Durrwatcher of MSNBC, hang your head in shame.


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