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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

They are interviewing Galloway now, asking him how he prepared. He says that he has made more than 1,100 public speeches since 9/11. He reads a lot, every chance he gets.

***and this Scotch/Irish, punk Philly kid salutes him for speaking TRUTH to POWER

MP3... 4 min
Real Video... 47 min
his political party website ....
BTW: found an error in the gov website link to the whole (3 hr) real media file. here is the correct link to the real file... start at 1:51:26

more contact info...
OfficePhone 020 8980 3507Fax 020 8981 5862
Email Post Respect The Unity Coalition, Room 207/208 Coborn House, 3 Coborn Road, Bow, London E3 2DAPressPhone 07980 675998, 07958 450867, 07749 411191, 020 8980 3507Email Website/TechnicalEmail

psst... pass the word
peaceReady-made base - DU has 70,000 reg members PLUS untold numbers of lurkers - Galloway already has solid backing from an organized, interconnected base of people who are spread all over the country and the world. Good thinking, man! Remember Fallujah

Bush to The Hague!


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