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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just Read Iraqi Humanity Blog - Heartbreaking

I am a Christian and do not believe in the destruction of America and the World Dominion plans of the never elected Mr. Bush.

Please go to the Green Recount site to see how the bush regime is going after the brave attorneys who exposed the massive voter fraud and suppression in Ohio. And how Blackwell, who receives a salary for being a supposedly objective overseer of the FAIR AND TRANSPARENT ELECTORAL PROCESS instead in his well publicised role as Co-Chair to Elect Bush committed many illegal acts of Voter Suppression and myriad types of fraud against the American people and should be the one facing criminal charges.

Blackwell, in a well publicized letter by the blogosphere bragged about stealing the election for Mr. Bush and obstruction a fair Recount/Audit by the attorneys and destroyed Voter information which by law is supposed to be kept for 22 months and this destruction of evidence of fraud is also being carried out in New Mexico.

The very corrupt Ohio Attorney General is charging the Greens attorneys with bringing frivolous lawsuits and I am furious to have a second stolen election which is an act of treason against the people of the United States of America called frivolous.

Vote Stealing and the torture atrocities which resulted in Rumsfeld, Generals Sanchez, Miller and others being indicted for Crimes Against Humanity was also termed by the never-elected Bush Regime as frivolous.

There are tens of millions of very angry Americans at the theft of our country and I will try to focus on activism to stop this continuation of the Nazi's World Dominion plan by the very corrupt Bush Regime who has very real Nazi ties and agenda and actions.


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