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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Go to Barbara Boxer Group to Stop the Recall for her Brave Stands for Democracy



We need everyone to hit all their personal favorite websites andblogs to recruit fellow Boxer supporters to this group and the groupblog. Talk about all the good work Sen Boxer is doing right now, andleave the links to both the group and the blog.

Sen. Boxer is carrying the majority of the burden of putting upresistance to Dubya and the neo-con. Point that fact out, and rallysupport for Sen. Boxer.

There is a right wing site, not a YAHOO GROUP with similar name trying to RECALL BOXER as they did illegally to Davis to install Arnold in California. There is more information on the above yahoo group for Sen. Boxer about the neo-con legal attempts to have her recalled. SHOW YOUR GRATITUTE FOR HER STANDING ALONE DURING THE NO CERTIFICATION FOR BUSH VOTER FRAUD and for Sen. Boxer’s grilling of Condi’s lies which is also printed on this site. Scroll down to see how Boxer really exposes Condi’s lies and her blasé attitude to the US soldiers and Iraqis that were murdered because of Bush Regimes WMD lies which they are now trying to brush aside as “frivolous”.

TORTURE and Accountability of those who ordered it is “frivolous”, the indirect murder of our soldiers because of lack of armor and other basics is “frivolous” Stealing the votes of the American people is “frivolous” PROTESTING GENOCIDE, THE STEALING OF TWO ELECTIONS IN A ROW AND TAKING OUR CIVIL RIGHTS IS FRIVOLOUS??!!!
There are only about 30 members for the above pro-Boxer group and if the people who wrote thousands and tens of thousands of letters trying to stop the war, trying to get coverage of the massive “Election Fraud”, trying to get Congresspersons to refuse to certify this stolen election, those who do not want Gonzales or torture and human experimentation as a policy of the United States of Skull and Bones better start doing something.

If you can’t even show Sen. Boxer how grateful you are for her stand against the Bush thugs then don’t complain when other Senators seeing that the Liberals and those with some humanity left to protest on these sites can’t be bothered to show support of Barbara Boxer by going to her site. Why should other Congresspersons put their careers, their lives and the lives of their families on the line for you and your family if you don’t care enough to support her by doing this small thing, signing up with her group to find out what she is up against and it is not only the Hate Jocks calling for a recall and to oust her from the Senate but there is already a legal process started.
Please get involved. Stop being Kitty Genovese neighbors and do SOMETHING!

Subject: Thank them

Dear Friend:
Remember Fahrenheit 911 when no senator would object to the certification of the Florida vote? Not this year. Sen. Barbara Boxer joined the objection to voting irregularities in Ohio and the new Democratic Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada stood with her. This forced the House and Senate to hold two hours of debate on the integrity of voting in our country -- hopefully beginning some real reform.

Thousands of people are sending thank you letters to Sen. Boxer and Sen. Reid. Join me in signing the thank you letter at:

According to this post at DU the righties are talking about trying torecall Boxer:Hmmm.. Arizona Republicans tried to organize a recall of McCain


The DJ spent the entire morning commute radio timedemanding a recall of Boxer and belittling DU and MoveOn.org. The station said it received over 200emails.

They must have taken it seriously becausethe went to the trouble of investigating what citiesthe emails came from. The DJ joked about the factthat most of the emails were not even from California.
The fact that this DJ is calling for a state-wide recall of Boxer must have caught her attention. Senator Boxer was on KLSD (Air America) speaking with local wonderful pro-liberal jock Stacey Taylor about the recall. The twostations were both talking about her at the sametime -- one pro -- one con. Couldn't listen to both.

So, at least we pissed him off. I'm so aggravated though.It's so unfair that he has such a huge audience to vent his spleen. I hope everybody here signed up and offeredsupport to re-institute the Fairness doctrine.These rightwing DJ Hate-Spewers are a dying breed on radio

Just days ago, Limpbog lost his New York time slot to Air America. Clear Channel has just announced it is adding liberal shows to its stations. I think people are fed up with the Limpbog wannabe hate screamers.

I used to listen to outr local hater, and could not believe the shit they mangle to create sensationalist hate. I have given up listening... life is much better. Anybody else got any info to verify or refute this?

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Just Read Iraqi Humanity Blog - Heartbreaking

I am a Christian and do not believe in the destruction of America and the World Dominion plans of the never elected Mr. Bush.

Please go to the Green Recount site to see how the bush regime is going after the brave attorneys who exposed the massive voter fraud and suppression in Ohio. And how Blackwell, who receives a salary for being a supposedly objective overseer of the FAIR AND TRANSPARENT ELECTORAL PROCESS instead in his well publicised role as Co-Chair to Elect Bush committed many illegal acts of Voter Suppression and myriad types of fraud against the American people and should be the one facing criminal charges.

Blackwell, in a well publicized letter by the blogosphere bragged about stealing the election for Mr. Bush and obstruction a fair Recount/Audit by the attorneys and destroyed Voter information which by law is supposed to be kept for 22 months and this destruction of evidence of fraud is also being carried out in New Mexico.

The very corrupt Ohio Attorney General is charging the Greens attorneys with bringing frivolous lawsuits and I am furious to have a second stolen election which is an act of treason against the people of the United States of America called frivolous.

Vote Stealing and the torture atrocities which resulted in Rumsfeld, Generals Sanchez, Miller and others being indicted for Crimes Against Humanity was also termed by the never-elected Bush Regime as frivolous.

There are tens of millions of very angry Americans at the theft of our country and I will try to focus on activism to stop this continuation of the Nazi's World Dominion plan by the very corrupt Bush Regime who has very real Nazi ties and agenda and actions.